Get to know our story

The Gal Family has been associated with quality commercial space ever since opening their first store in 1991. Now they offer great retail locations to other family-owned local businesses and national tenants, along with a commitment to the Space Coast community.

We know that when businesses succeed, the community thrives too—that’s why we began our Cape Canaveral retail location at a time when no one else was developing due to the economy, in an effort to increase our city’s tax base. Prior to our project, there was no new construction developed in the City of Cape Canaveral for a lengthy period of time.  While everyone else was in damage control, we asked ourselves: How can we help the community? Since completion of phase 1 of Wave Village, the City of Cape Canaveral has witnessed a growth in new hotels and other commercial development.  We succeeded in our vision of getting Wave Village built and being a trendsetter locally with development.

At the first stage of the approval process, we were told to build a Key West theme by the city of Cape Canaveral. However, we wanted to go in a different direction and overcame a tough, drawn-out disagreement with the city. After we won our arduous battle locally, we designed our space with a Mediterranean style, a revivalist design characterized by tiled roofs, warm colors and arched accents that add a leisurely splendor to the overall space. We believe this style of design can reflect the future of Cape Canaveral and Space Coast cities—in fact, Mediterranean design can even be seen in the new City Hall. With this, we continuously set a high standard for development locally.

Our company has set the standard of what new construction in Cape Canaveral can look like—and we’re just getting started. We hope that through current and future projects, we can help make the community better for all who live, work and vacation here.