Site Plan

Luxury travel meets local comfort

Looking for a true “home away from home?”  Wave Village has you covered.

As Phase 2 of our Cape Canaveral development plan, Wave Village offers a unique hybrid experience: a mixed-used space where locals and tourists alike can live the Space Coast lifestyle in comfort and convenience. Along with this, Wave Village provides an area for those to enjoy and explore whether by walking or biking. 

Fulfilling a much-needed retail role at the heart of Cape Canaveral, Wave Village will provide a selective environment for shopping and other needs—so you know that only the best businesses will be operating in this family-friendly space. As the newest commercial development of its kind in the area, Wave Village is designed with innovation in mind, the powerful “spark” that will continue to revitalize Cape Canaveral, long into the future.

What fresh takes can you expect? For starters, unparalleled accessibility. Gone are the days of driving over to Cocoa Beach or Merritt Island for your vacation essentials. Wave Village will provide everything you could want or need to get the most of your Cape Canaveral experience, in Cape Canaveral.

Wave Village will also feature comfort-minded design, in and out of its vacation units. Large, condo-style units will come fully furnished and ready to enjoy, so you can truly make yourself at home. Meanwhile, dining, shopping, fitness and other must-haves are just steps away.

The end goal? Combine community and tourism, and make Cape Canaveral the best it’s ever been.

 Gorgeous al fresco seating and a pool bar are just a few of the ground-floor amenities to look forward to. Ample outdoor space ensures plenty of room for walking, jogging or simply enjoying the view.

 Units of all shapes and sizes surround the pool, letting the pool courtyard serve as a center of community interaction and events.

 Arched balcony openings add to a sense of Mediterranean luxury throughout.